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Because of the sheer number of available home design software, it becomes quite difficult to pick one that will surely be able to satisfy one’s designing needs. This is why a lot of products offer free demos or trials for their products in order to give users a test run of the services they offer. This is definitely an excellent offering for potential customers as they are given a chance to use the software before actually purchasing it. This feature definitely comes handy especially considering the fact that some programs retail for well over $100.A home design software that is able to offer this type of service is Chief Architect. Here’s a quick look at this particular program as well as what its trial version can offer.At a GlanceAccording to its publisher’s website Chief Architect has established itself as the industry leader in the field of home design software. It has been around for more than a decade and it continues to improve on its features on every new release. The main objective of Chief Architect is to be able to help its users become more productive in their overall design process. In fact, this is even a guarantee the manufacturer is willing to make.Chief Architect Free TrialThe great news is that users can have a go at this product without needing to shell out a considerable amount of money on the onset. By downloading the Chief Architect free trial, users will be able to have a first-hand experience on how the program actually works. An added bonus is that interested parties may even request for a trial copy through mail. The publisher is so confident in its product and its ability to capture potential customers that it is willing to spend money on shipping the trial version directly to the user’s doorstep.Moreover, unlike some free trial programs, Chief Architect’s trial version provides full functionality. That is, everything on the actual version is on the trial edition which gives the users a chance to make use of all of the said features and functions.System RequirementsThe Chief Architect trial version is compatible with both PC and Mac. For the former, users will need to have Windows XP (or higher) as their operating system. 1.5 GB of hard disk, a 2 GHz CPU, and 2 GB of RAM are the minimum requirements. It’s pretty much the same thing for Mac users except that the program will require 2 GB of space for installation.

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Home Designer Software Linux – Sweet Home 3D

Those who are looking to remodel their homes and are on a budget usually end up doing the remodeling plans themselves. The problem is that even if it is done without the help of professionals, it will still incur considerable costs if one ends up purchasing a home designer program.Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent designer software in the market that are not only effective, but best of all, they’re free. One of the best programs one could ever come across is Sweet Home 3D. This impressive piece of software is of the open source variety and non-Windows/Mac users will be glad to know that it also happens to be compatible with the Linux operating system. Sweet Home 3D is a java-based application that is so simple to use that one could actually open it straight from his web browser. However, this takes nothing away from the program’s functionality and its ability to deliver excellent results.Some Particulars Opening the Sweet Home 3D program will reveal its main window that is divided into four basic quadrants – a table that contains all the current objects in the scene, a comprehensive list of furniture that one could integrate to the scene, a 3D view of the actual scene and the design, and a grid that allows users to rearrange the furniture and the walls inside the scene. All four quadrants work well side by side and is able to pretty much provide users with all their remodeling needs.What’s great about the latest version of Sweet Home 3D is that it includes 75 different furniture objects that can be easily added to one’s remodeling design. Furniture include all sorts of windows, doors, stairs, chairs, as well as the kitchen sink. But that’s not all. One of the biggest advantages of being an open source application is that users can create their own modifications and additions to the program itself. For Sweet Home 3D, this translates to hundreds of different furniture objects on their company website – all of which were created by users themselves.The Downside One disappointment with using Sweet Home 3D is that when it comes to exporting one’s completed scene, there is no option to create a 3D model output. Instead, one will need to settle with either the 3D renderings, or printing the actual blueprints of the design. Moreover, folks who are in search of a free home design program that will work for multiple-story buildings will have to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with this particular open-source program is that it can only design one-story houses or buildings.

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