Nutritional People – How Can You Tell Who is the Real Deal?

There are often many nutritional people appearing on the TV, radio, internet and newspapers. These people may be nutritional scientists, reporters or possibly even just a person who has a new theory about nutrition. Some of these crazy theories in the past would have lead us to believe that Vitamin C gives you hives, artichokes cure cancer and not to eat berries and cheese in the same meal.So how do you know which nutritional people to trust?There are several groups of people who will provide you with nutritional information that you can use with confidence. The best information comes from nutrition scientists. These people have degrees, usually in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or physics and are primarily engaged in conducting research relating to the effects of food on humans and animals.Nutrition information can also come from nutrition researchers. There are people who are professionals in their field, such as sociology or medicine and study the effects of food. There are also nutritionists who focus on the study of nutrition. In most places, a nutritionist must have a degree in a basic science course related to nutrition.There are also dietitians who can provide accurate nutrition information. These are people who have degrees in food and nutrition and science. If the person has R.D. after his or her name, that person has completed a dietetic internship and passed an American Dietetic Association licensing exam.Finally there are nutrition reporters and writers. These people are likely to provide you with information on the medical or scientific aspects of food. For example, a reporter who concentrates on sports medicine.Regardless of the source of your nutrition information, it should always pass the reasonable test. Which basically means that if something is too good to be true, or if it sounds ridiculous is probably is.

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